1. The first step is to open the email with the link or file.
The main goal is to get the file in to Google Drive then click Open With, Docs

How that process looks can vary.

Step 1 image

2. Click the link

Step 2 image

3. Click download.  

Step 3 image

4. Choose a place you can find it easily, like the Desktop.
Click Save

Step 4 image

5. The next goal is to open Google Drive

Step 5 image

6. Click Google apps

Step 6 image

7. Click Drive

Step 7 image

8. Click Options menu

Step 8 image

9. Click Show in Finder

This may look different depending on which browser you use and what type of computer.  The goal is to find the file.

Step 9 image


Click and drag the file into Google Drive so the file begins to upload to Google Drive.

Step 10 image

11. Doubleclick the file

Step 11 image

12. Click Open with

Step 12 image

13. Click Google Docs

Step 13 image

14. You're done!

You can now edit the file.Preview & Finish

Step 14 image

Interactive tutorial