1. To create a new quiz, open the course  Homepage -  and click Grades

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2. Click Quizzes

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3. Click New Quiz

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4. To add the Quiz Name click Untitled and type in the New Quiz Name then hit Return

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5. To add the quiz to the Grade Book, click Not in Grade Book. 

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6. Click Edit or Link to Existing.

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7. This will add the quiz to the Grade Book under the quiz's name.

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8. To add the quiz to a Grade Category, click Choose Grade Category

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9. Click No Category then select the appropriate Grade Category from the drop-down menu

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10. If you want to link the quiz to an already existing grade item, click that option

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11. Click the drop-down menu and select the correct Grade Item

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12. When finished, click the blue OK button

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13. Click the Points text box and enter the desired number of points

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14. To set a due date, click the box under Due Date

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15. Select the appropriate due date

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16. To add a description or instructions, click the Description box and type in or paste the desired text.

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17. To set a Start Date, click the box under Start Date and select the correct date. A Start Date sets when students can begin taking the quiz. If there is no start date set, students will be able to access the quiz at any time.

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18. To set an End Date, click the box under End Date and select the correct date. An End Date determines the last day a student can take the quiz. If there is no End Date set, students will be able to access the quiz even after the Due Date.

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19. If you want the Start and End Dates to appear in the course calendar click the box. If the box is not checked only the Due Date will appear in the calendar.

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20. To establish Release Conditions (conditions that must be met before students can take the quiz), click Add Release Condition.
See the tutorial on Release Conditions for more information.

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21. To give certain students special access to the quiz, click Manage Special Access. 
See the tutorial on Special Access for more information

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22. Click Timing & Display to set time limits or question display options

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23. By default, quizzes are created with no set time limit. To enable a time limit, click the Set Time Limit box.

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24. Click the Text Box to set your desired time limit.

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25. To change what happens when the time limit is reached, click Timer Settings

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26. Select the Desired Option

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27. Click OK

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28. Quizzes are automatically created to display all questions on a single page. To make changes, click All questions displayed together

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29. Then click the desired option

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30. You can then select whether you want students to be able to go back to previous questions or not. 

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31. You can also select whether you want the order of questions to be shuffled randomly for each student. 

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32. Or whether you want to allow Hints

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33. Next click Attempts & Completion to set these options

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34. To increase the number of attempts students have to take the quiz, click Manage Attempts

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35. Click the Attempts Allowed box and select the number of attempts you want to give students

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36. Click the Highest Attempt box to select how multiple attempts will be graded

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37. Click OK

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38. Next click Evaluation & Feedback to set what happens when students submit a quiz

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39. TLT recommends you leave Auto-publishing, Synchronizing to grade book, and Attempt grade checked so students can see how they did on the quiz when they submit the quiz.

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40. Click the No Questions Box to change options for what students will see once the quiz is submitted.

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41. You are now ready to add questions to your quiz.
To add questions from a file or the Question Library, click the blue Add Existing button.
See additional tutorials for more information on these functions.

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42. To create new questions, click the grey Create New button and then New Question

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43. Scroll down and select the type of question you want to add, and follow the directions.
See additional tutorials for specific question types.

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44. New Quizzes are automatically hidden from students. When the quiz is ready, be sure to click the Visibility Toggle to make the quiz visible to students.

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45. Click Save and Close.

That's it. You're done.

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Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **