1. The Attendance Tool allows you to record attendance and allows the student to track their attendance. It consists of creating an attendance scheme, creating a register, and taking attendance. NOTE:  The Attendance does not connect with the Grade book

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2. This tutorial will cover creating an Attendance Scheme.

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3. To locate the Attendance tool, click Management.

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4. Click Attendance

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5. Click Attendance Schemes

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6. An Attendance Scheme determines what you will give points for regarding attendance.  

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7. To see an example, click the drop down arrow next to System Scheme (Organization Default).

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8. Click View in New Window

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9. You'll see the default scheme tracks only Absent and Present, not late.  If this scheme works for you you don't have to do anything else in this video.  If it doesn't, then continue on to learn how to create your own scheme.

Click Close.

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10. Click the blue New Scheme button to the left.

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11. Click Name

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12. Type the name of your scheme

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13. Scroll down and click the text box under Symbol, next to #1.

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14. Type the symbol you want to use and press Tab.  For example, P for Present.

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15. Type the name of this status.

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16. Click the textbox under Symbol next to 2 and repeat the process.

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17. Type the Symbol and press Tab

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18. Type the full name

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19. After you fill in the Symbol and Status Full Name you can then add a % value to each status (OPTIONAL) that corresponds to the attendance policy in your syllabus.  This helps you find at-risk students.

Click Assigned % for Entry 1

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20. Type Assigned % for Entry 1

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21. Click Assigned % for Entry 2

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22. Type Assigned % for Entry 2

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23. Click Save

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24. Scroll and click Close

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25. Some faculty use the Attendance tool to track participation.  Here's an example of a participation scheme.

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26. Give your scheme a Name.

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27. Scroll down and add the Symbols and Status Full Name and Assigned % as demonstrated previously.

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28. In this example, being in attendance is assumed and instead they are tracking participation level.  This is just another way to use the Attendance tool.

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29. If you need more than the three Symbols provided you can add more by typing the number of new cells into the textbox next to Add Status at the bottom left.

Click the textbox next to Add Statuses.

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30. Type the number of statuses to add

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31. Click Add Statuses

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32. Click Save

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33. You'll now have additional lines.

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34. You can then reorder the lines using the numbers under Order.

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35. Click 4

Step 35 image

36. Select 3

Step 36 image

37. This will the reorder the list to match the new numbering order selected.

When finished, click Save

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38. Now you'll see that your items have reordered properly.

When finished, scroll and click Close.

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39. That's it. You're done with adding an Attendance Scheme.

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Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **