1. Create group work areas for users with the Groups tool. You can use groups to organize users’ work on projects and assignments, or you can create special work areas for users with different learning needs.

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2. Users can belong to multiple groups within the same course. Each group can have its own discussion forums and assignments. You can grade members of groups individually or as a team.

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3. Let's start by clicking Management

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4. Click Groups

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5. Before you create a new set of groups, you must set up a category.

Click the blue New Category button to the left.

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6. Click Category Name.

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7. Type the Name that describes the groups best.

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8. Scroll down and click # of Groups - No Auto Enrollments

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9. There are multiple enrollment types that can be chosen. 

In the Types, # stands for Number.

:  Once you choose a Type and click Save, you cannot change the Type.

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10. # of Groups - No Auto Enrollments means you select how many groups you want, then MANUALLY add students to groups.

Groups of # means that you determine how many students you want per group and OAKS will automate the groups and enrollments.

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11. # of Groups means you determine the number of groups and OAKS will automatically divide the class and enroll them into random groups.

Groups of # - Self Enrollment means you determine how many students per group and the STUDENTS self enroll in groups.

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12. # of Groups - Self Enrollment means you select number of groups and the STUDENTS self enroll in groups.

# of Groups, Capacity of # - Self Enrollment means you select number of groups and the STUDENTS self enroll in groups but the groups are capped.

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13. Lastly, Single User means OAKS will create one group per user in the class.  A group of one.

Click on # of Groups

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14. Click the textbox under Number of Groups (or whatever textbox displays based on the Enrollment Type selected)

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15. Type the number of groups you want created.

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16. The Group Options allows you to determine how the groups are created.

Auto-enroll new users
- allow OAKS to auto-enroll students who add the class.

Randomize users in groups - allow OAKS to randomize the enrollments instead of going in order.

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17. At this point, you can also set up group discussions, group assignments, and lockers, which are shared file areas (not recommended).  I recommend creating these areas within the proper tools, not from the Groups tool.

We will ignore this section.

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18. When finished, click Save.

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19. You can see that the groups have been created.  If you selected an auto-enrollment Enrollment Type, your students will also be enrolled, noted in the Members column.

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20. That's it. You're done.

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Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **