1. This tutorial will lead you through the Setup Wizard to setup your gradebook in OAKS. Click Grades in the navigation menu. 

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2. From the dropdown Grades menu, select Grades

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3. You will see what is currently set in the Setup Wizard. Click the Start button at the bottom to customize your settings. 

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4. Look at the examples and decide if you want your grade book to be weighted or points-based

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5. If your grades are so complex that neither of those options will meet your needs, instead of choosing a formula option, we recommend that you use a more robust, external application.
For this tutorial, we'll choose to make a weighted grade book. 

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6. The rest of the steps will be the same no matter which option you choose. After you choose a weighted gradebook, scroll down and click Continue

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7. You can choose to release either the Calculated Final Grade or the Adjusted Final Grade. The Calculated Final Grade is the mathematically computed average determined by your gradebook settings. 

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8. The Adjusted Final Grade is if you would like to manually adjust a student's grade, usually by bumping the students a few points up. 

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9. When submitting grades, there is also an additional override column so many faculty members use the Calculated Final Grade. Choose Calculated Final Grade for this tutorial.

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10. If you would like for students to be able to see their final grade, put a check mark in the box to Automatically Release the Final Grade

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11. Click the Continue button to go to the next step. 

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12. On this step, you can Drop Ungraded Items or Treat Ungraded Items as 0. We recommend that you Drop Ungraded Items and add any zeroes in on your own. 

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13. Treat Ungraded Items as 0 will put a zero in for any missing assignment, including future assignments, which will result in an inaccurate final grade until the end of the term. 

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14. You probably want to Automatically Keep the Final Grade Updated so place a checkmark in the box. 

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15. Click the Continue button to go to the next step. 

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16. The grade scheme refers to the letters (such as A, B, C, D) that are associated with the numbers. Most faculty members keep this on percentage unless they are submitting grades to Banner.

Select the Percentage grade scheme.

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17. If you need to change your grade scheme to submit grades to Banner, follow the directions found at Submit Grades from OAKS to Banner. Click the Continue button to go to the next step. 

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18. In this step, you choose how many decimal places you, as the faculty member, would like to see. Click the Continue button to go to the next step. 

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19. In this step, you choose what options you would like for the students to see. Place a check mark in the box if you would like to Display the Final Grade Calculation to Users

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20. Click the Continue button to go to the next step. 

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21. Here you will see all of your settings summarized. Click Go Back if you want to change something. Click Finish when you are done. 

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22. You can change these settings at any time by going back through the Setup Wizard or from the Settings menu under the grading area. To access the Settings menu, click on Grades from the navigation bar.

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23. Choose Grades from the dropdown menu.

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24. From within this grading area, click on the Settings button to open up all the grades settings options. 

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25. Scroll through all of your choices and choose your desired options. The Personal Display Options tab contains options that you, as the instructor, will see. Click the Org Unit Display Options tab to choose options that the students will see. 

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26. Click the Calculation Options tab for more grading options. You can make any changes to your gradebook settings on these three tabs.  

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27. Click the Save button when you are done. You may also be prompted to save in between tabs.

This is the end of the tutorial. You have learned how to set your options for your grade book in Setup Wizard or from the Settings menu in the grading area. 

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Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **