1. The first step to adding images into a quiz is to open the course Homepage and click Grades.

Step 1 image

2. Click Quizzes

Step 2 image

3. Find and click the appropriate Quiz or create a New Quiz.

Step 3 image

4. Click Create New

Step 4 image

5. Click New Question.

Step 5 image

6. First, let's create a multiple choice questions with pictures in the answers. Click Multiple Choice.

Step 6 image

7. Click and add the Question Text. 
Here we will ask, which picture shows the moon?

Step 7 image

8. Click the first Answer Box.

Step 8 image

9. Click the Insert Stuff icon.

Step 9 image

10. Click the appropriate source to upload your image. In this case we will click My Computer.

Step 10 image

11. Click Choose File.

Step 11 image

12. Find and click on the image you want to use.

Step 12 image

13. Click Open

Step 13 image

14. Click Upload.

Step 14 image

15. Click and enter Link Text. Link Text appears when you hover the cursor over the image.

Step 15 image

16. Click and enter Alternate Text. Alternative text, or “alt text,” describes the content of images, graphs and charts. 

Step 16 image

17. If desired, click and adjust the Image Size.

Step 17 image

18. Click Insert

Step 18 image

19. Click the next answer box.

Step 19 image

20. Click the Insert Stuff icon.

Step 20 image

21. Find the location of your image.

Step 21 image

22. Click Choose File.

Step 22 image

23. Locate and Click the desired image.

Step 23 image

24. Click Open

Step 24 image

25. Click Upload

Step 25 image

26. Click and add Link Text 

Step 26 image

27. Click and add Alternate Text.

Step 27 image

28. Click Insert

Step 28 image

29. Select the Correct Answer 

Step 29 image

30. If desired, click Randomize Answer Order

Step 30 image

31. Click and adjust points as needed.

Step 31 image

32. Click Save

Step 32 image

33. Now, let's add a True or False question with an image.
Click Create New.

Step 33 image

34. Click New Question

Step 34 image

35. Click True or False

Step 35 image

36. Click and enter text into the Question Text Box

Step 36 image

37. Click the Insert Stuff icon.

Step 37 image

38. Click the location of your picture.

Step 38 image

39. Click Choose File

Step 39 image

40. Locate and Click the Image file.

Step 40 image

41. Click Open

Step 41 image

42. Click Upload

Step 42 image

43. Click and enter Link Text.

Step 43 image

44. Click and enter Alternate Text

Step 44 image

45. Click Insert.

Step 45 image

46. Mark whether the answer is True or False.

Step 46 image

47. Click and adjust Points

Step 47 image

48. Click Save

Step 48 image

49. Click Preview to see how the questions will appear to students.

Step 49 image

50. Click Save and Close.
That's it. You're done.

Step 50 image

Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **