1. OAKS offers a Class Progress area to give you an overview of how your students are interacting in OAKS.

The first step is to open your Course Homepage and click Management.

Step 1 image

2. Click Class Progress

Step 2 image

3. Begin by setting up what you want to see.

Click Settings in the upper right.

Step 3 image

4. You are given four areas to view.

Click the dropdown arrow next to the first slot.

Step 4 image

5. Click Replace

Step 5 image

6. This list displays all of your options and descriptions of what they show.

Scroll down and click Content Visited Summary.

Step 6 image

7. Repeat the process for slot 2.

Click the dropdown arrow.

Step 7 image

8. Click Replace

Step 8 image

9. Scroll down and click Quiz Performance Summary.

Step 9 image

10. You can also rearrange the items.

Click the dropdown arrow next to one you wish to reorder.

Step 10 image

11. Click Move down

Step 11 image

12. When finished, scroll down and click Save and Close.

Step 12 image

13. You will now see four key indicators for each student.  You can see details for a specific student by clicking on the appropriate item.

Click on the Grades diagram.

Step 13 image

14. It takes you into the detail section of that indicator for the specific student in User Progress

Step 14 image

15. To go back to Class Progress, click Class Progress from the upper left breadcrumb menu.

Step 15 image

16. You can see your Class Progress by Group or Section as well.

Next to Filter to, click All Users.

Step 16 image

17. Select a group or a section from the list.

Step 17 image

18. That's it. You're done.

Step 18 image

Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **