1. This tutorial will go over how to delete gradebook columns/items. Select Grades from the navigation menu. 

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2. Select Grades from the dropdown menu.

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3. If you are not taken to the Manage Grades area, click on Manage Grades in the secondary navigation bar. 

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4. We want to delete an item, such as Quiz 1 or Quiz 2, but when we do the dropdown menu next to the item, there is not an option to Delete

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5. The delete button is a little bit hidden so that you don't accidentally delete something. Click the More Actions dropdown button. 

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6. Now we see the Delete option. Before we click Delete, let's investigate our items.  

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7. Notice how under the Association column, our Quiz 1 is the only one that is Associated, and it is associated to Quizzes. This will be important in the next steps. 

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8. An item is associated if it has an OAKS Quiz/Assignment/Discussion Board attached to the grade column. If Quiz 1 were on paper and not inside of OAKS, it would not be associated, but it is associated with Quiz 1 that was created in OAKS. 

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9. Now, let's find that Delete button again. Click on the More Actions dropdown menu. 

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10. Click Delete from the More Actions dropdown menu. 

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11. Notice that we are unable to put a checkmark beside the Quiz 1 item, and it was the only one that was associated. 

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12. All of the other items are able to have a checkmark placed beside them. As long as an item isn't associated with an OAKS Quiz/Assignment/Discussion Board, you can place the checkmark beside the item and click Delete. 

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13. We really only want to delete Quiz 2 for now, so let's only select Quiz 2. Click the checkmark beside Quiz 2

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14. Now click Delete

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15. Read the pop-up message, and if you are really sure you want to delete, click Delete

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16. Notice the Quiz 2 is now missing from our Manage Grades area. 

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17. Now let's un-associate that Quiz 1 so that you can delete that column. 

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18. Click the Grades dropdown menu in the navigation bar. 

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19. Since your gradebook column is associated with a quiz made in OAKS, let's go investigate Quizzes. Select Quizzes from the dropdown menu. 

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20. Notice the "ribbon" icon beside Quiz 1, that means that it is associated with a gradebook item. 

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21. Click the dropdown arrow next to Quiz 1. 

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22. Click Edit from the dropdown menu. 

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23. Notice the option has been selected to put this quiz in the Grade Book. Click the dropdown there to select a different option. 

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24. In order to withdraw the association of this quiz to the Grade Book column, you will need to select the Not in Grade Book option so that this quiz will no longer be associated with a Grade Book column. 

Step 24 image

25. Click Save and Close

Step 25 image

26. Now you see that the "ribbon" icon is missing from beside Quiz 1 because we have removed the association from the gradebook. The actual quiz will remain in OAKS; we have just unlinked--or unassociated--this OAKS quiz with that gradebook column.

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27. Now that we have un-associated the quiz from the gradebook column, we need to go back to the Manage Grades area to delete that gradebook column like we did before. Click on the Grades dropdown menu from the navigation menu. 

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28. Click on Grades in the dropdown menu. 

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29. If you are not taken to the Manage Grades area, click on Manage Grades in the secondary navigation menu. 

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30. Notice that there is no longer an association under the association column. Now you may delete it just like you deleted Quiz 2. 

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31. Click on the More Actions dropdown menu. 

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32. Click Delete from the dropdown menu. 

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33. Now click the box next to Quiz 1 to place a checkmark in that box. 

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34. Click the Delete button. 

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35. Read the popup message, and click Delete if you are really ready to delete your item/gradebook column. 

Step 35 image

36. Notice how your Quiz 1 has now been deleted from your Manage Grades area. 

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37. That's it. You're done. You have successfully deleted columns/items from your gradebook. If an item is associated with an OAKS Quiz, Assignment, or Discussion Board, you must first break the association before you can delete the item.  

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Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **