1. The first step is to open your OAKS Course and click Content.

Step 1 image

2. Click the appropriate Module from the left.

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3. Click on the Comment Assignment to grade.

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4. COMMENT Assignments can be graded by Percentage, Complete/Incomplete or Points.  

This example is a Percentage Grade.

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5. In the instructor view, you can see who has been graded and who has not from the tabs to the right.

Step 5 image

6. Click the Ungraded tab.

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7. Click the dropdown arrow next to the student to graded.

Step 7 image

8. A list of all this student's comments will display.  To play one, click on the comment.

Step 8 image

9. After you have watched the comments, you can provide a grade in the box at the bottom.

Click on the box next to Save Grade.

Step 9 image

10. Type in the grade and click Save grade.

Step 10 image

11. If you need to retract the student's submission, click Additional Options and click Unsubmit.

Step 11 image

12. Once graded, the student moves to the Graded tab.

Step 12 image


Step 13 image

14. Normally, upon the creation of the assignment, a grade column will be created in the Grade Book and the Assignment will be linked to that column.

Step 14 image

15. If you do NOT want the grade to go into the Grade Book, click on the name under Assessment in the lower right corner.

Step 15 image

16. Click No Grade.

Step 16 image

17. If you want the grade to go to a pre-created column in the Grade Book, select that column.

Step 17 image

18. Otherwise, leave it as it is.

Step 18 image

19. Click Save

Step 19 image

20. Let's go to Grades to ensure it went into the column properly.

Click Grades.

Step 20 image

21. Click Grades again.

Step 21 image

22. Click Enter Grades

Step 22 image

23. Locate the appropriate column and notice that an 85% has been added.

Step 23 image

24. That's it. You're done.

Step 24 image

Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **