1. This is an example of a standards based report card.  You will note special area classes as well as subjects.

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2. In each subject, you will note the essential learning,  or E.L., as well as a title. Each essential learning ties to an Indiana Academic Standard.

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3. At the bottom of the report card you will find the grade mark legend. Last year, your student had O,A, and B on their report card as well to show if they were "on track", "approaching the target" or "beyond the target." 

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4. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  We found that while we wanted to bring clarity with the O,A, and B marks, it created some confusion. We sincerely apologize. 

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5. Moving forward, students will receive marks using the grade marks shown here. 

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6. If a student has mastered all components of the academic standard, they will earn a 3 to show they are proficient. The goal is for all students to be proficient. 

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7. However, many academic standards are skill based, meaning it takes time to develop and build on the skills over time. Teaching teams track and report student progress based on the instruction students receive. 

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8. Students may earn below a 3 on report cards, especially earlier in the year, and still be on-track to be proficient at the end of the grade level. 

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9. This may be because they have not been taught the entire essential learning yet, and therefore, have not been assessed on the entire essential learning. 

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10. Please note, your student may have a 'not applicable' on their report card for E.L's not yet assessed.

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11. Your student's teacher will be in contact with you if he/she is concerned about your child's progress. 

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12. Mt. Vernon has posted our curriculum on our district website. To find this information, visit our website at www.mvcsc.k12.in.us.

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13. Under the Academic Excellence menu, click Curriculum and Grading Scale

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14. At the top of the page, you can read about Mt. Vernon's essential learnings and commitment to a guaranteed and viable curriculum. 

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15. When you scroll down, you will see links to subject area curriculum broken down by grade level and departments.  In this example, we will click on First Grade English/Language Arts. 

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16. When you click on the link, you will see a quarter view. This shows a breakdown of each essential learning. Under each essential learning, you can see the specific skills written in the form of "I can statements."

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17. At the bottom of this document, we see the unit themes, goals, and anticipated quarter for instruction. 

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18. The same documents are provided for math and special areas. 

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19. If you have questions about the teaching and learning process or grade reporting, feel free to reach out to the district Teaching and Learning Team. If you have questions about your students' progress, please contact his or her teacher. 

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20. Thank you for partnering with us in your student's academic journey. 

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