Frequently Asked Questions

QYou have 10 seconds. Why would I use this?
AYou want to show someone how to use an application but don’t have the time or the patience to copy/paste screenshots, fumble through a screencast or schedule a screenshare.
QGot it but what’s so great about it?
AWith iorad, you can build & share tutorials for any desktop/web application instantly and your learners can take the tutorial in different modes to suit their learning styles.
QSo how exactly does it work?
AWhen you create a new tutorial project in iorad, a capture frame opens up. Iorad captures everything you do inside the frame and then intelligently breaks it into a step-by-step instruction. Learners can take the tutorial in either try steps, view steps or print modes.
QIt really takes just minutes?
AWhen we developed iorad, we paid attention to just a single metric: how long it takes for you to make a tutorial. That's it. We want you in and out. The fact is, you only have 24 hours in a day and you shouldn’t be wasting your time copy/pasting screenshots. To keep us honest, you'll see we record the amount of time it takes you to make a tutorial. If we notice you’re struggling…it means we have more work to do.
QIs iorad free?
AYes it is. All public tutorials are free. We want you to share your knowledge with the world and make it easy for you to do so.
QWell if it's free, how do you guys make money….ads?
ANo! We offer plans that let you have private tutorials and a custom branded player. Check out our pricing page to view the plans available.
QSo if I use this app, who owns what I make?
AYou do. Read our Terms of Service. You own the content you create. You can delete or export your tutorial as a JSON/IMAGE .zip file if you decide to leave.
QWhat devices can people view the tutorials on?
AOur tutorial player runs in the browser and is optimized for viewing on any mobile, tablet or desktop computer.
QHow long has iorad been in development?
A5 years to help you build a tutorial in minutes. And, yes, it was worth it and we wouldn’t change a thing.
QWhy so long?
AThere are a million different things happening behind the scenes in the app, and each one of those things took a lot of experimentation to get just right. There is still a lot more to do. We are a small team dedicated to improving iorad with every release.
QOk I'm sold, how do I get started?
AJust Sign Up!
QI don't think I'll read them, but where's your privacy policy/terms of use?
AHead over here.
QOne last thing before I go, what exactly is an iorad?
Aiorad is pronounced eye-oh-rad. We liked it because it was short and easy to spell. It didn't mean anything at first and then we reverse engineered the name and came up with Instructional Object Rapid Development… Sounds impressive, huh?