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    What your learners get
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  • Unlimited Public Tutorials

    Public tutorials will appear in google search results and are searchable by the iorad community.
  • Unlimited Live Tutorials

    Live tutorials appear on top of any web app, guiding the user in real time... step-by-step. Think of LIVE Tutorials as a GPS for the apps that power your business.
  • Unlimited Private Tutorials

    Private tutorials come in a couple of different flavors. Embed Only, our most popular setting, restricts all access except when embedded on your own domain or help center. This allows you to control access from your side. Other options like unlisted (view only via direct url) and private (invite only) make it easy to share with only the people you want.
  • Branded Customized Player

    You have invested in your company's brand and identity: so carry that over with our fully customizable player.
  • Add Voiceover

    Quality voiceovers can take your tutorials to the next level in the learning experience. If you like the sound of your voice; simply record it right inside the app. Or if you’re friends with Beyonce; have her record it in the studio and upload it straight to the step.
  • Mask Data

    Cover up private data like account numbers, customer names, & emails with a single click.
  • Team Collaboration

    You have power users hidden everywhere in your organization. They have a goldmine of app know-how sitting untapped. iorad LIVE lets you easily add additional creators so they can share these riches with everybody in the company.
  • Zendesk Direct Connect

    Connect your zendesk site to iorad and instantly post solution articles directly to your help center in minutes. Additionally we have 3rd party plugins for Freshdesk, Confluence and Wordpress.
  • iorad Live embeddable

    With a line of javascript, embed the iorad live widget into any web app and deliver live tutorials to your users. Digging through FAQs and help docs is a thing of the past.
  • Learning Manager

    Assign tutorials to your employees and clients and monitor their progress.
  • Self Host License/LMS Integration

    Download the html or scorm zip package of your tutorial and deploy it on your own server.
  • What your learners get
  • Unlimited Access

    There are no caps on the number of learners or the number of views. Our mission is to make all the users in your organization, power users.
  • Mobile Access

    On the go? iorad’s player is mobile ready. Just open the tutorial on your iphone or android device and simply swipe through the steps.
  • Instant Translation

    Are your learners around the globe? iorad’s built in translation feature, powered by google, makes your tutorial instantly available in 90 languages.
  • Unlimited Live Walkthroughs

    Learners get unlimited live walkthroughs until they are power users themselves.
  • Auto Designed PDF

    Creating a step-by-step pdf can take hours of manually copy pasting screenshots and formatting. With iorad, your learners can auto-generate a beautifully designed pdf with a click of a button. Print it out or save it... the choice is theirs.
  • Smart URL Match

    Sounds like something from the future? It’s not. It just means we deliver ONLY relevant tutorials based on the webpage the learner is on. Think of it as, just-in-time help. The days of digging through a FAQ/HELP site looking for answers is in the past.
  • Customized Learner Curriculum

    Assign tutorials based on roles and customize learning for hybrid roles.
  • Tracking & Completion

    Monitor progress and completion status with our learning dashboard.

Pricing FAQs

QShould I buy if I haven't tried the free plan yet?
AWe don't think so. We believe iorad is the easiest and coolest way to make tutorials but recommend you try it first. Sign Up for the free plan, make some tutorials and when you're ready, come back. We’ll be here.
QThis is way out of budget, do you have any cheaper plans?
AWe want everyone using iorad in its full glory. That’s why everything is unlimited. If you have a certain budget that you can’t go over, contact us and we’ll see what we can do. We work with everyone, from single freelancers to fortune 500 companies and affordability should never be an issue.
QWhat is your refund policy?
AWe want to make sure you are getting your money's worth. If you are not, all we ask is that you contact us and tell us what we are doing wrong and we’ll issue you a refund right away.
QWhy would anybody buy the iorad Live plan, when the free plan is pretty great?
AWe think the free plan is great as well. As you can see from above, iorad Live is packed with a ton of goodies, from setting view permissions to a fully customizable player. No quotas. If you don't care about this stuff, the Free plan is for you. Stick with it!
QAre you serious about the unlimited private and live tutorials?
AYou bet! Since you are taking a chance on us with your hard-earned money, we think you deserve more.
QI only make tutorials once a year, do I need to keep paying every month?
AAt the start of each billing cycle you get 30 days to create/edit as many private tutorials as you want. If you cancel your subscription (which is a one-click process), your account will remain active but will automatically convert to the Free plan the day before your next scheduled payment. But don't worry, the privacy controls and any custom themes that you have applied to any existing tutorials will remain, as is. If you need to edit the tutorial again, you'll need to either upgrade (at whatever the current rate is) or convert the private tutorial to a public one with the standard iorad theme.
QWe don't have the budget for co-creator accounts, can we share one account?
AWe want you to share the iorad experience with everyone you know. It's so easy and affordable you'll be a superhero... at least in their eyes. If you have budget concerns, contact us and we'll see if we can work something out.
QCan I host my tutorial on my own server or company website?
AOf course! Our Enterprise plan let’s you download the HTML of your tutorial and host it on your own web server. Contact Us to learn more.
QWhat do you do with my credit card information?
AWe don't store any credit card information on our servers. We use the fantastic folks at Stripe to handle all the credit card processing. They are a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification. Stripe is used by Salesforce, Foursquare, Lyft and thousands of others.
QSounds good so far, but I have a few more questions...
AHead over to our general FAQs and your answer may be awaiting you.
QI still can't find the answer, how can I contact you?
AWe're happy to answer any questions you have. If you are logged into iorad, you can start a conversation by clicking the message bubble on the bottom right of this page, or just head over here. Feel free to shout @iorad on twitter.